Monday, July 14, 2008

Planning for Perfect Honeymoon

After the busyness of the wedding celebration, the honeymoon offers a much-needed time to be alone with your new spouse. Its a time to relax, explore a new area of the world, and of course, a time for intimacy with the one you have just pledged to be with for life. Here are 10 ideas to make your honeymoon even more romantic:

Before you leave home, purchase a book on the art of massage. Pack along some scented massage oil, study up on the plane and then treat each other to a sensuous and relaxing message after a long day of travel.

If your room has a private balcony and the area you traveled to is warm, bring the fireworks outside for a night. The sound of ocean waves and starry skies are the perfect backdrop for an extra romantic night.

Place a number of votive candles in candleholders around your bedroom for a soft glow at night. In the bathroom, line your private Jacuzzi or jumbo-sized bathtub with a candle or two after the sun goes down. If it is just a bathtub, bring along scented bubble bath.

If you are honeymooning in a wooded area, plan a hike and an afternoon picnic with just you, your spouse and nature. Bring along a bottle of wine and glasses for a private toast to your new marriage.

Purchase a bouquet of flowers known for their powerful scents and place it next to your bed. Hyacinths or Gardenias will leave the room filled with a sweet smelling fragrance. Every time you smell the flowers again, it will remind you of your honeymoon.

Before you leave, make a tape of your favorite love songs to play before and during bedtime. Record the first dance song at your reception as number one on the tape, and re-live that first dance all over again in the privacy of your bedroom.

Wear satin or silk to bed.

Make a point each day to tell your spouse five things you love about him or her and have your spouse do the same for you.

Order room service and set up a private, candle-lit dinner in your hotel room with light music playing in the background. Then, while the night is still young, watch a romantic movie in each others arms.

Come to bed wearing your spouses favorite perfume or cologne.